Piano plus Autism

Piano plus Autism

A few nice Autism Teaching images I found:

Piano plus Autism
Autism Teaching

Image by mtsofan
I went to this web site. It is interesting! Teaching people with special needs to play the piano is noble!

I actually pulled a paper towel from my tool box and cleaned off this bumper sticker, on a stranger’s car, in order to photograph it.

I wonder ???
Autism Teaching

Image by Andreas-photography
I wonder what he thinks, I wonder what he does, I wonder how he feels in our chaotic world
He cant tell me, He cant explain, he does not understand.
I worry about his future
I worry about how he will cope
I worry others will find him odd and shy away from him
I worry no one will give him a chance

My son almost sweet 16 and autistic
Most will see him as rude arrogant, ignorant and odd

as for me I cherish every moment i have spent with him and the lessons he has taught me

I pray some one will give him a chance, he wants to be a games designer he is great at scripting data but no good at math,s If only some one would give him a chance to show how much he can do and achieve
If only people could accept him

Autism Teaching

Image by Andy Ciordia
My lovely wife and her classroom. She teaches special needs children focusing primarly in autism.

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